Yesterday, I attended the Mehaffey Park grand opening, excited to enjoy the new amenities near our home. But moments in to it, I was nearly overcome by a sense of community. We all sat under a tent, watching the Boy Scouts color guard honor our flag as we sang along to a trumpet trio playing […]

Via KenClark The Colorado GOP has an integrity problem.  They pulled strategic shenanigans in the gubernatorial race that likely cost them the office.  There is the in-fighting between establishment and liberty-leaning legislators.  But most of all, there is a pervasive feeling of mistrust among them.  This seemed to come to a head in the […]

In a representative government, such as the one we supposedly have in the United States, a leader who represents his constituents’ wishes should be applauded. His courage should be held as an example and he should enjoy wild success.  Instead, Colorado Representative Ken Buck is being threatened for voting the will of his people.  It […]

This NY Times article makes the inflammatory claim that white extremists are a greater threat than Muslim ones and have killed nearly twice as many Americans since 2011. By themselves, his numbers may be accurate, but the writer disingenuously ignores the whole picture. There are 197.7 million non-hispanic whites in the US and there are […]

It’s nice to know that both sides are equally deviant. Blogger Sarah Huisman at Wisdom Lingers runs down the reason behind the attempted coup in the Colorado GOP. She is correct that Steve House is to be lauded for not giving in, regardless of personal cost. After all, that is how a leader should behave. […]

Skipped PARCC tests could endanger federal school funding in Colorado. Source: Skipped tests jeopardize Colorado school funding   The mainstream media gives us yet another misleading headline atop an article based on the boogeyman named Maybe.  The article is predicated on verbiage in the No Child Left Behind legislation that requires a 95 per cent participation […]