Loveland’s Strong Tomorrows

IMAG1945_1Yesterday, I attended the Mehaffey Park grand opening, excited to enjoy the new amenities near our home. But moments in to it, I was nearly overcome by a sense of community. We all sat under a tent, watching the Boy Scouts color guard honor our flag as we sang along to a trumpet trio playing the Star Spangled Banner. In that moment Loveland felt like the small town it once was. Everyone shared in the pride and excitement of a job well-done.  More importantly, everyone had a sense of profound gratitude to city leaders who saw this vision through.  Of course, four generations of the Mehaffey family were in our midst.  It was impossible to avoid thinking of the great legacy they have given to our city.

Throughout the course of the day, I learned that Loveland is expected to double in size within just a couple of decades. This is exciting to me. I love the new opportunities that come with growth.  But change is difficult and we risk losing the greatness of moments like the one under that tent in Mehaffey Park. The many friends gathered there take pride in Loveland and they are invested in it. When citizens are invested, the city is more than that – it is a community.

As Loveland grows, we citizens will have to preserve the legacy. We will depend on future generations to honor the history and sentiment of this beautiful community.  That is a great responsibility, so we must be sure they are ready and that they are educated according to our values.

Loveland has been named the second best city in the nation for tech start-ups.  We have to ensure that our STEM programs are engaging and highly developed.  Loveland’s artistic offerings are world-renowned. We have to preserve the arts in education, which means keeping standardized testing at a reasonable level and ensuring that curriculum is driven locally.  Loveland IS beautiful and is surrounded by an enviable outdoor experience.  We have to maintain an appreciation for nature and ensure that our children remain healthy and active.  None of these things are possible if we do not strive to protect local control in education.  As Loveland grows, our schools are sure to flourish.  This city has a lot to offer the world.

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